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PICODEL Franchisee

PICODEL is the only Company in Retail, which is working on Multiple services in Retail for inclusive growth.

From Local to Global.

From individual Shopkeepers to those who want to be Partner in Global expansion.

From Zero Inventory models to fast turn around inventory models.

From simplest form of Technology to most advanced technologies for important business predictions through the State of the art Technologies.

PICODEL is working to use advance technologies to analyse all Data to produce results to drive Business. In coming days, it will enhance the User experience multifold.

Why do users prefer to use PICODEL App?

Online ordering convenience and transparency.

PICODEL App serves the Consumer's order within a span of 30 mins to 3 hours.

Catalogue of more than 6000 Products.

Bringing lot of Products on Discount.

Launching PAW to serve some great products to Users within their Society.

Launching new catalogue to serve renowned items from other Cities.

Why Small and Medium neighbourhood stores should work with us?

To compete with big Online Shopping Companies.

By using PICODEL App, Neighbourhood Stores can have better command on their Consumers in surroundings.

Helping to get more Offline & Online Business to neighbourhood merchants.

No need to develop own App, as PICODEL App can be used by Shopkeepers for Subscription and Commission either or both models.

Shopkeepers can use the PICODEL Seller App to buy the Products for the Shop to sell.

Offering Delivery Services to Advertising Solutions to Shopkeepers of all Categories.

Improving efficiency of the Retail Eco-system

Digitally connecting shops to various Vendors.

Tie-up with Banks, NBFC, Fintech companies.

Why Brands / Manufacturers should work with us?

Helping Brands to reduce the cost of product by offering efficient Supply chain.

Helping Manufacturers to use the inventory effectively to avoid pressure on Production.

Helping Manufacturers by reducing Expiry of Products and damages.

How a new Manufacturer or an Entrepreneur who wants to get into production can get help?

Product Launch services to Brands.

Promote private labels and brands through established network of Kirana stores.

Join us as Master Franchisee for your City !

You will be our Partner for the City(Population from 20L to 1Crore).

You will get the Revenue share from all the Revenue generated by PICODEL

To know more about the Invesment and Returns, pls email on

Join us as Master Franchisee for Bulk Buying & Distribution for the City !

PICODEL will provide all Technical Solution so that you can buy collectively for multiple Shops and help the Shopkeepers to sell the Products to their Online and Offline customers at best pricing in competition with big players in Retail.

Join us as Franchisee in specific Zone ( Population from 2L to 6L, depending on City to City)

PICODEL will provide :

  • Technology Support
  • Business Plan
  • Brand Tie up
  • Advertisement
  • Training to Staff
  • Processes
  • Support Material

Treat us as your Partner in your business and instead of delaying your Business opportunity in searching all support or people separately, become PICODEL Partner !

For more details, Pls send your Name, City, Whatsapp number, Calling number and your current profession on OR on Whatsapp on 7219090909