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Fresh Vegetables & Fruits


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  • Reliable Grocery shopping from

    Handpicked veggies

    Each and every order is handpicked from your preferred vendors and brought to you at your preferred time slot and address. When it comes to vegetable shopping we believe fresh is the way to go, which is why we are available all day every day to reach fresh veggies at your doorstep. All the greens are checked before being packed up for delivery that's how you can avoid stocking your everyday groceries or use stale vegetables.

    Check before accepting

    We encourage you to check every single product when delivered before accepting them so you can be assured that you have received exactly what you’ve ordered. With Vegetables shopping online PicoDEL is one of the only platforms providing customised orders.

    Customized Orders

    Can’t find what you’re looking? No worries, while checking out list down the specific products/Veggies that you couldn’t find on the website in the remarks section and we will make sure it reaches you.

    Weigh your veggies

    When delivering your order we carry a Digital weighing scale so you can make sure that you are getting the amount that you have ordered and are being charged for just that. Once you weigh and check all your Veggies you pay only for the ones you keep.

    Immediate returns

    If you have received something that is either damaged or not of your taste you can get the product exchanged within the hour. Once you return it you do not have to pay for that particular product and if you have exchanged only pay when you receive the exchanged product.

    Cash or Paytm on delivery boy number

    With our flexible payment options you can pay cash or Paytm on delivery boy number on delivery. We do not believe in pre-paid orders, now making grocery shopping and delivery simple with transparent payment structures.

    Money and time saver

    One of the benefits of online grocery shopping is finding the best deals and not even having to make the trip for it. It’s user-friendly and cost-effective saving up a lot of your time daily. We are delivering Vegetables online around your area at the prices available in the Mandai that too handpicked for a quality check before reaching you, so why not enjoy the convenience of it?

    Last but not the least ‘PicoDEL’

    Unlike various other online platforms we are connecting small and medium-size retailers from your own areas so when you order through you are unknowingly contributing towards a great initiative to avoid Pollution. We bring to you the sellers/vendors/retailers working in your specific area to avoid delays and ensure quality.