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Hola! Welcome to, an online one stop shop for all your Daily Needs. Serving the customers, winning their hearts and earning their loyalty in return is our motto. Yes, we are on the way to change the shopping experience as never before! And for sure, it will cling to you as a smile on your face forever :)

We cater to a wide range of products like Grocery, Fruits, Vegetables, Sweets, Cakes, Pastries, Fresh chicken, Cosmetics, Medicines and a lot more to your doorstep through our strong network of 100s of Shops in your City.

Order at your own convenience from your own trusted locality. We not only offer you the products at reasonable prices, in fact, will ensure you the quality and quantity at its best. And guess what else! While we respect "Say NO to Plastics to save environment" but to avoid hotchpotch in segregation, we provide it in specially designed multi- pocket bag containing all your veggies in separate pockets. And, once you are satisfied with the overall delivery of your order, then only pay your hard earned money. Simply awesome! Isn't it!

So, don't hold yourself back. You can order via App/Website/WhatsApp(Text or Voice message)/Call or send an image of hand written list in local language. Then, just sit and relax. We will guarantee you the delivery within a maximum of 3 hours. We assure you an amazing experience!

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About Team

MR. Devendra Sarda

Mr. Devendra Sarda, the CEO of is an entrepreneur by choice and an engineering graduate from National Institute of Technology, Nagpur (VRCE) with experience in multiple fields spanning over 20 years.

During his tenure, he has worked in various verticals like SAP HR, Marketing, Computer Education, Customer Care, and Placement with startups as well as with MNC's like HCL, Mphasis both in India and abroad. During his various employments, he was recognized as a strong leader and a go-getter with a flexible and positive attitude.

He possesses impeccable business acumen and has an excellent understanding of Retail as a sector.

He is a renowned face in startup ecosystem and has been featured in various media for his work. He was also a part of the discussion as a panelist on DD1 on startup India, post his participation in the #Startup India launch by Honorary Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi.

He is known to be a renowned counselor in employment guidance and has conducted several seminars on the same. He is a very friendly and easily approachable person.

Jyoti is company’s Co-founder and is the inspiration behind starting She is full of motivation and dedication toward our aim. She did her masters in Arts. She loves interacting with people and enjoys event management. She actively involves in various activities and events with our team. She usually enjoys cooking, teaching.

Monika is our one of a key member having a personal desire to overcome a challenge, to produce high-quality work. She is heading Customer Care and data specialist of our team. She is continuously interacting with Users to ensure the best services offered. She is also working on improving the accuracy and quality of data display of website and mobile. Before joining, Monica has worked with Byte interface Pvt. Ltd. She is a wonderful Singer, food savvy and likes to cook.

Swati is oldest(duration wise) and one of the senior team members. She leads website development, manages everything behind the scenes from database development to web development. Before joining our team she designed various and other online tools at LBS Software. She is an engineer from the University of Pune and a good badminton player. Also, she is a true nature lover.

Abhijeet leads our mobile application team. With a breadth of experience, he builds practical, functional, and beautiful mobile application. His methodical pursuit of elegant solutions to challenging technical problems spans his career. Previously he was part of the mobile development team at Necto Technology. He graduated in Computer Application from Mumbai University. Reading, playing games or scaling mountain peaks always makes him feel joyous.